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Supporting Achievements of young Minds

SAM works to improve academic achievement and motivation in Middle School Students.  We do this by working in partnership with principals, school site coordinators and teachers using intrinsic and extrinsic tools built from educational psychologists and the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

Win/Win: How to Motivate Middle School Students into High School Graduates

Win/Win is in Philadelphia and Trenton Middle Schools for the seventh year.  Our unique motivational intervention program continues to promote hard work, goal setting and personal success.

Welcome to Our New Partner Schools for 2016/2017 School Year

WD Kelly School 


Laura Wheeler Waring School 


 Hedgepeth-Williams School of the Arts 




Save A Mind Foundation

Our Mission

At the Save a Mind Foundation, we believe all students deserve the chance to succeed. With the right combination of motivation and support, we know all students can transform an opportunity into success. The Foundation has a primary goal:  Develop practical, motivational tools for urban public school children in grades 6-8 to increase the percentage of low income students who complete high school.

Lance T. Funston visiting Win/Win students and sharing goal setting skills.

The Save A Mind Foundation is a 501(c)3 federal non-profit organization that assists middle school students with our innovative Win/Win Program.


Win/Win Program


Our Win/Win program is a three pronged comprehensive motivational program, available at no cost to public schools. We combine positive student-teacher relationship-building, personal student goal setting and rewards to middle school students in lower-income districts, to enhance engagement and support the school culture. Throughout the school year, students receive personalized handwritten messages from their teachers, prizes based on their indiviual points, and progress updates-all emphasizing that effort pays off!

The program’s core components are:

Personalized Messages

Goal Setting and Self-Reflection

Financial Incentives and Positive Recognition

Professional Development


Welcome Jeremy!

We want to officially welcome Jeremy Alva to the SAM Board.  It is an honor and we look forward to all of his knowledge and insight leading SAM forward. Here is a brief bio of Jeremy’s accomplishments: Attorney Jeremy-Evan Alva. Jeremy has fought for peoples’ rights his entire adult life. In the classroom and in the …

Catching Up with SAM

SAM is alive and well in 2017.  In fact we have three new schools in the Win/Win program, W.D. Kelly and Laura Waring in Philadelphia and Hedgepeth-Williams in Trenton. We have a brand new website as well.  SAM has worked hard to make saveamind.org more meaningful and informative to the general public and prospective donors …